Two posts in one day? Awesome.

So I tweeted this earlier today and it occured to me some of you might be interested..I then got the idea to make it into a sort of challenge/virtual support group (lol) and share it here.

Every now and then I get motivated to go the gym, try and get fit, and to shed some pounds. Now is one of those times. I figure, if a few of us got together, to share what’s working & what’s not, and to make it fun – we could do this together! So if you’re looking for some extra motivation to lose actual pounds/ inches/reach a fitness goal – this could be fun…and an extra way to stay motivated.

I’ve decided to keep the challenge going for 6 weeks beginning on Monday, October 17th (short notice yes but I’m ready to get started!) and was thinking that if I get 3 or more people interested I could throw up a quick blog or something that we would all contribute to in order to keep each other up to date and motivated.

If you’re interested in joining my 6 Week Challenge drop me a line at imnotreallyadiva(at)gmail.com and I’ll send you the 411!

Have a great weekend!


shoppingaholic said...

Count me in!! is it important to drop an emai.... if yes, i'll do that!!

Jai Lyn said...

Did you already get your three buddies?

Kay* said...

@shoppingaholic - Yay! If you don't mind yes drop me an email - I went to send out a little email to everyone participating :)

@Jai Lyn - Yup! But the more the merrier - feel free to drop me an email if you'd like to join :)

DaVida Chanel said...


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