One-on-One With...Mrs. Limestone

I am SO excited to debut a new feature on my blog called "One-on-One with..." It's something I've wanted to do for months now on my old blog and since I knew I'd be taking a blogging break I decided I'd make it happen when I started blogging again. So here it is!

I know many bloggers do interviews with other bloggers - and I love reading them and learning more about my favourite bloggers but I wanted to do something slightly different. I wanted it to kind of feel like the back page of InStyle, or the interview feature in Canadian House & Home...or any other of those quick, fun, interviews you read in lifestyle mags. I wanted to ask seemingly random questions about lots of different things (not just decor if they are a decor blogger for example), fun things - things we, hopefully, don't already know. My only requirement - for them to have fun with it! So back in September I sent of a few emails to some of my favourite bloggers and was thrilled when they responded positively. Every. Single. One. Needless-to-say there are some awesome One-on-One With's coming up! Starting with Mrs. Limestone of A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress.

The lovely Mrs. Limestone

A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress was one of the first blogs I really began following. Living in Brooklyn with Mr. Limestone, they bought a dilapidated Limestone and went about renovating it from top to bottom. Call me weird but that is one of my dreams....to renovate a Limestone. In Brooklyn. So of course, I couldn't NOT read along. Now that the majority of the renovating is finished Mrs. Limestone is decorating her home in a classic style that makes me "oooh & awww" every time she posts pics and updates. She's a DIYer who in addition to blogging decor is a master entertainer (check out what she did for Halloween) and is a woman of my own heart who takes these fantastic whirlwind trips (we're talking less than a week!) to places like Alaska, Bali, Hong Kong, and Russia. And she beautifully photographs it and blogs recaps upon her return!

Mrs. Limestone's photo taken in Hong Kong

Ummmm...I love it. Love it all. Okay, I won't say anything else except if you haven't read her blog you must. So without further ado - my first "One-one-One With...Mrs. Limestone" (remember, she kindly filled this out for me in September!)

1. Necessary extravagance.....Fresh fruit. A good peach is priceless.
2. Dreaming of.....My birthday celebration this year. I try to ignore my advancing years and do something special to celebrate.
3. Shopping fix.....Where else? Target. You can buy anything there.
4. Listening to.....Kids playing outside my window.
5. Best gift you've ever received.....Mr. Limestone managed to get me all of my childhood photos that I hadn't seen in 20 years. (long story) He is a fabulous gift giver but pretty sure that can never be topped.
6. My husband likes to buy me.....Really lovely presents (see above).

7. What is your home like.....This is probably a question better answered by others but I'd like to think it's classic.
8. Inspired by.....Oh, too many people to mention here. That's why I love to read blogs - so much new inspiration every single day.
9. My last three purchases.....A Halloween skeleton, razor blade refills and bananas.
10. What always goes into your suitcase when you travel.....Softlips chapstick. I'm addicted to it.
11. If you could blink and be anywhere - your eyes would open on.....Even though I love to travel, my favorite place is always home so I don't think I'd want to be transported in a blink anywhere this minute. How about a time travel? 1 week ago so I could play the winning mega millions numbers. I'd be a much better blogger if I didn't have to be bothered with the mundane tasks of supporting myself, doing chores, etc.
12. Your best tip for someone traveling to a major destination with limited time.....Obviously, short trips aren't 100% ideal but I strongly feel it's better to go somewhere for a short trip than to not go at all. And let's face it - we all have limited resources and free time so short trips allow a lot more globetrotting. My best tip would be to plan ahead so you can see as much of what you find interesting as possible in the time you have. And then to let go the rest - you can't do it all no matter how much time you have.
13. Can't get enough of.....Martha Stewart Halloween ideas.
14. What makes you get out of bed...Coffee!
15. Happy I bought.....Anything for my camera.

A big thanks to Mrs. Limestone for participating! 


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

i am a huge fan of her blog! one of the only ones that i regularly read. such great style, and so humbly written.


micah said...

Great questions... I love Mrs. Limestone's blog. She takes some amazing photos! Not to mention her house is AH-MAY-ZING.

thatShortchick said...

I've just discovered Mrs. Limestone (now because of you) and I am in love with her style!

ashlina {the decorista} said...

um...awesome interview, and super fun to read her quick answers.... inspiring stuff


SAJ said...

oooh love this new series! Can't wait to see who else you interviewed.

Kay* said...

Glad you all enjoyed! (and that some of you have discovered a new read!). Another one coming soon :)

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

I love her blog. This is awesome!

marion said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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