Orchids & a New TV

I'll preface this post by saying "Ugh. Please excuse the experience of the blog over the next few days. I'm in the process of beautifying it. So if you pop by and it looks...a little less than lovely just bare with me :)"

I just LOVE orchids. I picked this orchid up at, of all places, Walmart. For only $10. Actually $9.97 to be exact. The blooms are the smaller ones and I just love how full it is with all these little blooms packed so close together - I swear there are at least 10 that are open...with 6 more left to come. My heart smiles every time I look at it. So it was my first week back to blogging and I'm glad to be back. I've had fun posting, getting reacquainted with some blogs I had fallen behind on, and reading all of your comments. Good times...with more to come! Have a great weekend!

[And yes, that is my NEW t.v. you can partially see. The big clunker is gone! The volume just finally decided to stop working so I bought a flat screen HD LCD. It's huge (to me) and I call it a "bachelor's tv"...but I kinda love it.]


LindsB said...

Love the new orchid and tv- both great buys!!

ceecee said...

Yay! for a new TV, have tons of fun watching it but don't get addicted =) I still haven't gotten on the fresh flowers bus, I don't like cleaning up after they die.

Unknown said...

awW ! the orchid is a beauty. Please be sure to take care of it. I purchased one this time last year from our local Lowes and without the proper level of natural lighting she slowly shrivered up and passed away. Good luck! i think i might try again as well.

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