Some of this, some of that.

Totally random picture. Not all my film shots turn out so great...this was soft all over.
I swear. If you decided to unfollow this blog because of how inconsistent my posting has been lately I would not blame you. But don't unfollow...cause that would suck for me lol. Here's what I've been up to this week as well as a couple of things that have caught my attention on the 'net.

  • This article/post is a bit old but I just came across it this week. This guy took one polaroid of his life every day until the day he died. Incredible. The good, the bad...I find it haunting. We get little glimpses into this mans life, who he was, how he lived, how he loved...and how he died.
  • I bought my first pair of Keds this week and am in love with them. So simple and comfortable - and totally cute with a pair of skinny jeans.
  • I discovered this blog a few weeks ago and visit it daily. Dottie is teaching herself to shoot film and posts what she learns, the good and the bad, daily. Her pictures are awesome.
  • I met another blogger in-person this week. I can now attest to the in-person awesomeness of both Jason from theserovingeyes and his condo. I kinda hate both for being so incredibly easy on the eyes and even better looking in person. Seriously. Check out his blog - it's one of my faves. He is an incredibly funny writer and his photos are some of the best photos I see blogged. Ugh.
  • My new travelogue/blog  for India is ready and I'm blogging there now! Which might be why this blog has gone a bit quiet. I promise I will share it soon but I really want to share it with you all via a video post - my first ever! And the camera I want doesn't come out for about 3 more weeks....but if you're really curious drop me a line [imnotreallyadiva(at)gmail.com] and I'll send you the link in advance :)
  • In the past few days I've booked two photo sessions. One is tomorrow with two sisters...which is totally new for me. Posing two girls will be a new challenge for me--but I've got some inspiration pics so I'm quite excited.
  • I dropped off my second roll of film at the lab yesterday. Yes, film is still rocking my world.
  • Howard's 3rd birthday is on Sunday! So he's off to get groomed and pampered today and then on Sunday we'll have a little party at the beach.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for sharing those bloggers, I can't wait to try them out. You really know how to write and make folks sound great!!! *smile*

Speaking of Howard, I think I've almost successfully broken down the beau and getting him to agree to a little doggie. He wants a German Sheppard, which I don't mind... but after we are married and in a house, I cannot have a big dog like that all up in my apartment space. lol

Jessica O'Brien said...

i love the "soft all over" look of film. i think it's awesome. keep sharing more.

i personally have been doing the picture a day project since 2006 i think and it is so rewarding. i was rendered speechless at that website you shared - wow. makes me want to continue mine forever.

Mandy said...

Hope the shoot with the sisters went well and Happy Birthday to Howard!!

Kaitlin Entsminger said...

I love this! I have a photography blog of my own. Check it out. it's kaitlinkroeger.blogspot.com

Also, check out this site. I have used and even bought ome of the stuff off this site when I decorated my apartment down at school. It's www.squidoo.com/apartmentdecorations

Its really convenient and shares a lot of good tips!

Jai Lyn said...

Aww the link to the photography blog is going to the Keds website.

It's still an interesting shot even if it didn't turn out right.

Danielle Moss said...

LOVE that you shoot with film. Also, had never seen that article. Amazing! I ended up completely failing at project 365. Thinking of just picking up where I left off though. Don't want to give up.

lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

I'm so inspired by you.

Lisa xx

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